You can configurate Flashcommander by editing bin/config.xml.

01 <root>
03    <gateway>
04        <item endpoint="../amfphp/gateway.php" />
05    </gateway>
07    <license>
08        <item domain=""key="c45fc9649e44d9ae95435d3783a31244" />
09    </license>
11    <style>../styles/flashcommander_white.swf</style>
13    <modules>
14        <item name="TextEditor" data="module" url="modules/TextEditor.swf"ext="txt;htm;xml" />
15        <item name="ImageViewer" data="module" url="modules/ImageViewer.swf"ext="jpg" />
16        <item name="SwfPlayer" data="module" url="modules/SwfPlayer.swf"ext="swf" />
17        <item name="VideoPlayer" data="module" url="modules/VideoPlayer.swf"ext="flv" />
18        <item name="Mp3Player" data="module" url="modules/Mp3Player.swf"ext="mp3" />
19    </modules>
21    <browser ext="pdf;mov" />
23    <startview left="" right="thumbnail"/>
25    <navclick>single</navclick>
27 </root>
  • gateway – endpoint is the url to gateway.php, the main file of the amfphp framework;

    items listed here appear in the server combo box at login
  • license – licensed domains are listed here
  • style – path to style swf
  • modules – modules used by the program; this is where you can associate extensions to modules
  • browser – file types to be opened by the browser
  • startview – if ‘thumbnail’ the respective pane (left or right) has a thumbnail view
  • navclick – use ‘single’ or ‘double’ click for navigation

User data

User data is stored in services/flashcommander_2_5/user/user.xml.

Edit this file to manually change user settings or to add users.

However you can do these from the Users menu in flashcommander.

This file cannot be accessed from the web as it is protected by a .htaccess file.

01 <users>
02   <user>
03     <name>user</name>
04     <pass>74be16979710d4c4e7c6647856088456</pass>
05     <email></email>
06     <rootdir>../..</rootdir>
07     <permissions>copy;upload;download</permissions>
08     <uploadfilter name="Images( *.jpeg, *.jpg, *.png)"type="*.jpg;*.jpg;*.png" />
09   </user>
10 </users>
  • name – user name; the default user name is ‘admin’ with password ‘admin’
  • password – passwords are twice md5 encoded strings; if you forget your admin password, you can change your pass here
  • email – an email adress for the user; this is optional
  • rootdir – the root directory of the user; this is the folder that you are in after logging on to flashcommander
    • the default is a relative path to the parent folder of the ‘flashcommander’ folder, but you can set an absolute system path as well:
  • permissions – this is a colon separated list of the permissions; possible values are:
    • copy;delete;rename;mkdir;overwrite;extension;upload;download;users;editimage;edittext
    • the default user can only copy, upload and download files
    • ‘users’ permission means that you have access to the Users menu
  • uploadfilter – specifies what kind of files can be uploaded by this user
    • name – this is a label that apears in the Browse file dialog
    • type – this is a colon separated list of the allowed extensions
    • in the example below the user can only upload jpeg and png files