Flashcommander loads language from language.xml.

To translate the program to a language you have to edit this file.

Replace only the attribute values with the translated words or phrases.

Don’t modify the xml structure – it would lead to errors.

   modules="Modules" />
   upload="Upload" download="Download" copy="Copy" move="Move"
   newfolder="New folder" del="Delete" rename="Rename" logout="Logout" />
   user="User name"
   username="User name" name="Name"
   pass="Password" oldpass="Old password"
   server="Server" />

Attribute names speak for themselves:

  • menu – menu items
  • button – button labels
  • dialog – words and phrases that appear in dialog windows
  • some of these contain patterns like count – these are variables to be filled by the program, leave them unchanged
  • contextmenu items
  • columns – datagrid column header labels
  • error messages – these are returned by the server
  • module – text used in modules

Available languages at the moment are: English, Hungarian.