Manage your web site as easily as your desktop

User interface

Menu bar:

  • Account: change your password here
  • Users: administrators can manage users here
  • Modules: here you can load modules like ImageViewer, TextEditor, etc.

Toggle view:toggles between File viewand Thumbnail view.

User interface

User administration

From the ‘Users’ menu you can open the Users

  • click the Set root
    button to set the currently selected folder as root folder
  • you can also (carefully) hand-edit this value and then click Change root
  • check Users
    to give user administation right
    – only give this permission to administrators!
  • check Extension
    to enable user to change
    file extensions
  • if you check Upload
    you can specify
    an upload file filter:


    • ‘name’ appears in the file browser dialog
    • ‘type’ specifies the selectable files; it is a semicolon separated list
      of allowed extensions
  • if you disable a feature the related buttonor menu will appear disabled for the user

When you have made changes to a user (root dir or permissions) click on Save.

Uploading and downloading files

The picture below shows the upload dialog window in Flashcommander.

  • select multiple files from different folders
  • upload them with one click
  • rename files upon upload
  • conflicting filenames are highlighted in red
  • the progress bar shows state of the whole process
  • if large files don’t upload check Php setting ‘upload_max_filesize’ and ‘post_max_size’

When downloading a file you are prompted to choose a destination folder on your computer.
The download progress is shown in this dialog window:

Navigation and file operations

You can navigate with the mouse or with the keyboard. Hot keys
are available, most of them are the same as in Total Commander.
You can navigate with the mouse by single or double clicking, depending on the configuration.
You can navigate back and forward
using the navigation history buttons at the top.
The state of the buttons indicate if it is possible to go to the previous or next folder.

Action Key
Change view Tab
Parent folder Backspace
Previous folder Ctrl + left arrow
Next folder Ctrl + right arrow
Target view = Source view F1

You have several options to start file operations:

Action Key
Copy F5
Move F6
New folder F7
Rename F8
Delete Del
Copy to clipboard Ctrl + C
Cut to clipboard Ctrl + X
Paste from clipboard Ctrl + V
Save text file Ctrl + S
  • copy
    – drag with the mouse
  • move
    – press Ctrl and drag with the mouse
  • keyboard – see the hot keys on the left
  • the buttons on the Button bar
  • right click and use Context Menu

Managing tabs

Loading a module automatically creates a new tab.

You can also create a new tab containing a new filelist.

Create a new tab by pressing Ctrl + T.

Remove a tab by pressing Ctrl + W.

Viewing content

If you double click or press Enter
on any recognised file type, the file is open in the opposite pane.

Flashcommander 2.0 uses modules to display file content.

File extensions are used to determine which module to load.

If you want to handle *.html files as text, you associate this extension with the TextEditor module in ‘config.xml’.

Flashcommander comes with 5 modules:

  • ImageViewer
  • VideoPlayer
  • TextEditor
  • SwfPlayer
  • Mp3Player

The picture below shows the TextEditor module.